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YUI Library Examples: TreeView Control: Using TreeView with Custom Icons

TreeView Control: Using TreeView with Custom Icons

This example demonstrates the use of custom icon styles on TreeView Control nodes through the use of a image sprite. Read the tutorial below the example for full details on how to achieve this effect.

Creating and Applying Custom Node Icons for Your TreeView:

Many tree-style implementations call for using custom icons on a per-node basis. In this example, we'll look at one strategy for apply custom icons to specific nodes using the YUI TreeView Control.

We'll start by using a single image containing our icon set and we'll use the technique known as "CSS Sprites" to specify which icon we want to use for each specific style. This allows us to combine seven images in a single HTTP request (read more about why reducing HTTP requests is a good idea). The raw image is displayed below.

Our icon images are combined into a single png file to reduce HTTP requests.

With that image in place, we can now set up our style rules to identify icons for each file type. We do that by positioning our icons.png image uniquely for each icon we want to display:

The effect of these style rules is to create a 20-pixel space to the left of the styled object and to place the icon directly in that space. The sheet of icons is positioned so that, for example, the zip-file icon will appear when the class icon-zip is applied.

To apply these styles on a per-node basis in TreeView, we use the labelStyle property of TextNodes and MenuNodes and the contentStyle property of HTMLNodes.

Here is the code used to create the TreeView instance above and to create the first node, "Ahmed's Documents," while applying the specific icon styles to each node:

The script for creating Susheela's part of the tree is very similar. Here, we'll use HTMLNodes, and we'll use the contentStyle property to apply the icon style:

Note that in this example we're also applying the "folder style" CSS file that is included with the TreeView Control's examples; you can find that file in the YUI distribution under /examples/treeview/assets/css/folders/tree.css.

Configuration for This Example

You can load the necessary JavaScript and CSS for this example from Yahoo's servers. Click here to load the YUI Dependency Configurator with all of this example's dependencies preconfigured.

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