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YUI Library Examples: Drag & Drop: Using Handles

Drag & Drop: Using Handles

This example demonstrates how to use drag handles to control the specific places within an element from which a drag can be initiated.


Basic Drag and Drop

The YUI Drag and Drop Utility lets you make HTML elements draggable.

For this example, we will enable drag and drop for the three <div> elements.

Create the demo elements:

Now we instantiate three YAHOO.util.DD instances. By default, a mousedown on any part of source element would start a drag operation. We use setHandleElId to make it so that only a specific area or areas of the source element will start a drag when clicked.

Elements that are not a child of the source element can be used as drag handles by using setOuterHandleElId.

Configuration for This Example

You can load the necessary JavaScript and CSS for this example from Yahoo's servers. Click here to load the YUI Dependency Configurator with all of this example's dependencies preconfigured.

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