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Class YAHOO.util.Scroll - extends YAHOO.util.ColorAnim

Anim subclass for scrolling elements to a position defined by the "scroll" member of "attributes". All "scroll" members are arrays with x, y scroll positions.

Usage: var myAnim = new YAHOO.util.Scroll(el, { scroll: { to: [0, 800] } }, 1, YAHOO.util.Easing.easeOut);


YAHOO.util.Scroll ( el , attributes , duration , method )
el <String or HTMLElement> Reference to the element that will be animated
attributes <Object> The attribute(s) to be animated. Each attribute is an object with at minimum a "to" or "by" member defined. Additional optional members are "from" (defaults to current value), "units" (defaults to "px"). All attribute names use camelCase.
duration <Number> (optional, defaults to 1 second) Length of animation (frames or seconds), defaults to time-based
method <Function> (optional, defaults to YAHOO.util.Easing.easeNone) Computes the values that are applied to the attributes per frame (generally a YAHOO.util.Easing method)

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